Yesterday Jen and I ran the 50 yr. Trail, a beautiful rolling trail at the base of the Catalina Mountains.  On State Land (requiring a recreation permit), the trail is open to hikers, mt bike riders, and equestrians.  Also, don’t be alarmed if you hear gunshots, because State Land is also open to hunters, and quarry ranging from deer to cottontail rabbits are plentiful in the area.


Starting out for the first mile or so,  the trail was hard packed dirt and easy to navigate.  As we headed further north, things got more interesting and challenging.  The trail narrowed, and became rocky with short yet steep hills, surrounded on both sides by boulders and various other rock formations.  The scenery is incredible, and you need to stay fully engaged so as to avoid twisting your ankle, or falling into a jumping cholla.  This is what makes trail running so much fun over that of road running on asphalt… the need to be present and focused on each footstep.

Mountain bikers should have advanced technical skills if they’re to safely ride this portion of the trail! There are some 2 ft. drops that’ll send you over your bars if not approached properly, along with some jagged rocky sections on twisting trail.  With that said, I can see where a strong , experienced rider would be challenged and have a blast on this section, but it’s a little bit over my head for now, until I develop better skills.

We ended up running 5 miles over the trails, and had a blast.  Time goes by so fast when trail running, and you get a great workout too.  We’ll be adding this as a regular Adventure workout for the Jacobson family, and for our camps and client Adventures too!

Train safe, and train smart!


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