Target shooting is fun, and a great way to develop one’s ability to focus and relax.  The shooting sport of Metallic Silhouette is one of the more challenging, as you need to shoot at tiny animal targets ‘off hand’, or standing, without any form of support.

There are two primary events, High power and Small bore Silhouette competitions.  Small bore matches are shot with a .22lr, the most common rifle caliber available, and likely the first one everyone shoots when introduced to the shooting sports.  High power is a different game entirely, as you shoot high power, long range rounds that can deliver enough energy to knock over the large rams at 540 yds (500 M)!

Targets for Small bore include chickens at 40 yds, pigs (or javelinas) at 60 yds, turkeys at 77 yds, and rams at 100 yds.  Believe me when I say these targets are tiny at each distance! The game is to hit and knock the critters off their stand. A hit is a point, and a miss is a zero. The winner is the one who gets the most hits.

Yesterday’s match at the Tucson Rifle Club at Three Points Range was incredibly windy, with gusts around 25 mph!  Not only does the wind cause the sights to dance around the target, the bullet actually gets moved side to side by the wind too, making the targets even more challenging to hit.  I am very impressed with the skill levels of my fellow competitors and members of the club.

If you want a true test of your calm, focus and marksmanship skills, give metallic Silhouette a try!  Learn more at