604, 2016

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Rising full moon over cactus forest at sunset Are you looking for an escape from your everyday routine? To reconnect with nature? What about riding your bike or pursuing your health and fitness goals under the warm desert sun?  Come unwind and relax in Tucson Arizona, where locals enjoy incredible desert scenery, and  an active outdoor lifestyle with over 300 sunny days each year. We provide ...Read more

1303, 2017

Corporate MTB Desert Adventure

Living an active lifestyle is easy in the high desert surrounding Tucson, with incredible scenery and opportunities to hike, bike, or just relax in the solitude.  It's great when visitors to the area take a moment to enjoy everything the desert has to offer.Yesterday, we had the awesome opportunity to host a Corporate Group, representing the logging and wood industry, on a MTB ride Adventure.  Riders came to visit and ...Read more

1605, 2016

Adventure Update: Metallic Silhouette Competition

Target shooting is fun, and a great way to develop one's ability to focus and relax.  The shooting sport of Metallic Silhouette is one of the more challenging, as you need to shoot at tiny animal targets 'off hand', or standing, without any form of support. There are two primary events, High power and Small bore Silhouette competitions.  Small bore matches are shot with a .22lr, the most common ...Read more

2804, 2016

Adventure Update: Running with Rattle Snakes

Running in the desert is incredible on many levels.  The terrain is varied, from hard packed dirt to rocky trail over flat land and up steep mountains.  The vegetation is unforgiving, as everything is pointy and pokey.  The vastness is impressive, with acres upon acres of open land untouched by humans.   And then, there's the wildlife. Once in awhile, if you spend enough time in the desert, you'll ...Read more

2604, 2016

Adventure Update: Hike / Run the 50 yr. Trail

Yesterday Jen and I ran the 50 yr. Trail, a beautiful rolling trail at the base of the Catalina Mountains.  On State Land (requiring a recreation permit), the trail is open to hikers, mt bike riders, and equestrians.  Also, don't be alarmed if you hear gunshots, because State Land is also open to hunters, and quarry ranging from deer to cottontail rabbits are plentiful in the area. ...Read more