I’ve had the privilege of working with Troy Jacobson over the last five years while participating in his annual cycling and tri-camp in Tucson. It’s the highlight of my season and has exponentially improved my performance far beyond what I thought possible. Troy is not only an outstanding coach he’s also a great leader. I have appreciated getting to know him personally. He’s an amazing role model as evidenced by his personal athletic achievements. His creation of the Spinervals training program has served thousands to achieve greater athletic performance. I’ve admired his work with Lifetime Fitness to create programs nationwide supporting high performing endurance athletes. What a pleasure it is to work with him. As a coach and a leader Troy inspires greatness!

Bill Weymer
President and CEO
Town and Country Markets
Seattle, WA

Coach Troy is one-of-a-kind coach who loves what he does and has a gift to convey his vast experience and knowledge of triathlon to others.

I have attended over ten Coach Troy’s camps in Tucson and Lake Placid. What brings me back over and over again is his ability to create a fun, friendly and safe atmosphere. All his cycling and triathlon camps are professionally organized. Coach Troy and his camp coaches are very knowledgeable and supportive. I have had such an awesome experience every year I have been to his camp and can’t wait to return next year.

Merle Nilk
Kona Ironman World Championship Finisher
Washington, DC

I first met Troy through a DVD. I am a lifelong cyclist and a busy professional; a physician, cancer specialist and the Director of a regional cancer treatment facility in the Midwest. I was adding indoor cycling training to my routine and the trainer I had purchased came with a DVD with a training workout on it. This was Troy Jacobson’s Spinervals 1.0, the first of ultimately 50 Spinervals indoor cycling workouts. Troy’s workout was well designed, effective and time efficient. This DVD and eventually most of the other DVDs in the Spinervals series have become the foundation of my indoor training. As a bonus, Troy was highly motivational and entertaining in these DVD’s so that you would remain engaged in the process.Over the years as the Spinervals series evolved, I watched Troy evolve as well. He has been able to adapt to the needs of cyclists at all levels of the sport and to create workout DVDs that can motivate, challenge and ultimately improve any type of rider. Spinervals has also branched out into more general fitness based workouts that can be used by anyone, again because Troy understands the science of training and the psychology of getting individuals to do their best.Over a decade ago, I took my involvement up another notch and started to participate in a cycling training camp in Tucson, run by Troy Jacobson. This is where I met Troy in person. The skill he demonstrated in creating and growing the Spinervals DVD training series was doubly demonstrated at his Camp. Well organized, motivating, challenging but also supportive of all of the riders present whether they were experienced racers, enthusiastic recreational riders (like me) or just beginners, Troy was always able to help us all. Getting to know Troy in person, I could see the friendliness and true desire to help you improve that was the foundation of his coaching and his reason for creating these various training tools.Troy has begun to branch out from the endurance sports to include many forms out outdoor recreation including hiking, camping, trail running and mountain biking. Though his interests have broadened, he still brings his core talents of organization, creativity and the ability to motivate participants to achieve their best, to all of his endeavors. I look forward to our ongoing friendship.

Andrej Zajac