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Jen, my wife, and I love the outdoors and living an active lifestyle.  We like to bike, camp, hike and enjoy everything that life in the sunny Southwest has to offer, and we want you too as well!  It’s an amazing feeling to pack up the camping gear, jump in the truck with the family and friends, and head out for a night or two of being ‘unplugged’ and living a simple life.  Or, to hop on the mountain or road bike for a scenic and challenging ride on the single track, or to climb Mt. Lemmon.

Jen an I on a trail run near the Catalina Mountains.

Growing up on in a busy and hectic region of the East Coast, I remember being captivated by the vast openness and mystery of the desert Southwest.  Void of hustle and bustle, tall buildings and pollution… just desert and mountains for miles and miles. It was a blessing to have the opportunity to relocate my family to Tucson Arizona almost 10 years ago, and to experience first hand everything the desert has to offer.  It truly is a peaceful and energizing place, boasting upscale lifestyle opportunities and the natural beauty of the desert all in one.

I’ve been organizing and running Triathlon and Cycling Camps since 1995, hosting over 1000 folks from around the world in that time period.  Venues as diverse as Kona Hawaii, to Lake Placid, NY have served as our training grounds over the years.  Our annual Triathlon/Cycling Camps in Tucson have been around since 2001, and it’s always been one of my favorites.

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My full time work is with Life Time Fitness, a leader in the Health and Fitness Industry.  I’ve been a professional triathlon coach since 1992, and as the Sr. National Director of Endurance Coaching, I develop and mentor endurance coaches at our clubs nationwide, as well as work with our events series, including the Leadville Race Series and the Life Time Triathlon Series.    We also work with the leading group in developing and delivering endurance experiences for C-Level Executives, CEO Challenges.  Learn more about our coaches and our training programs at Life Time Endurance. 

Based on my Endurance Training Camp promotion background, our passion for the great outdoors, and expanding the concept to include other means of recreating and enjoying the incredibly beautiful and serene Southwestern United States, Adventures by Troy & Company is a family owned business created to give people a turn-key solution to experience its magnificence first hand.  Whether it’s coming to Tucson with a Club or Corporate Retreat to ride road bikes, or to venture off for a Camping Retreat into the desert wilderness for a few nights of peace, we will deliver a first-class customized experience that is second to none, and will create memories to last a lifetime.


So, if an escape to Arizona sounds like a good idea for your fitness or your soul, or if you have a Cycling Club, Triathlon Club, Nature Club or Corporate Group and need guidance and support with your trip, please give us a shout and we’ll take great care of you.  Or, if you’d like to attend one of our scheduled training camps for Cycling and Triathlon, or a Camping Retreat, click HERE to learn more.

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Troy J. & Company

Jacobson Outdoors, LLC.

Contact Us:  adventuresbytroy@gmail.com

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